Monday, November 9, 2009

Callin' the HOGS!

This past weekend Luke and I made a trip to Arkansas to hang out with his family and go to a Razorback game. We both really wanted to go to a game and finally found a great time to go and it worked out even more perfectly thanks to our great friends Seth and Chelsea for the tickets!! It was so great to be back in Fayetteville and it brought back so many good memories. I loooove football and the smell of tailgating! It gives you this exciting feeling when your at a college football game, I don't know what it is, but I love it! We hope to one day be able to purchase season tickets and be able to go to alot more games. It felt weird going back as an alumni and not as a student... it made me miss being in college so much! Here are a few pictures from the game! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

I love when the band comes out before the game starts.... and this guy runs out right as the drums start getting faster. I'm not sure if he has a name or not, but I love this!

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