Sunday, April 19, 2009

may 9th can't come soon enough!

I have been so busy week and after week and all I want to do is BLOG!!!!!!!! Hopefully when things start slowing down I'll be able to get on here more. I will share this though... it might be old news, but I loveeeee this chandelier I used it in my casino, but I've fallen in love with it and I think it's going to have to be my first expensive purchase (ok- maybe 2nd or 3rd expensive purchase). It's by Piet Boon Zone... I think he only sells his stuff out of the country, but he might start selling it here. I'm not sure, I found a website the other day that had a lot of his collection, but now I can't find it. Anyways I think its the coolest thing... especially in a dining room =)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


In the beginning it began with an idea.... My concept for my senior project was a “Gothic Modern Design.” I chose to design a Casino that would also serve as other entertainment purposes besides gambling. I also created a bar, a live entertainment space, and small lounge areas for people to come and enjoy a drink and be entertained in other ways besides losing money! I know it sounds like a dark and twisted design, but I spiced up each room with pops of color and funky furniture and pillows to give it a modern flare. I wanted to create something that was above and beyond ordinary. So with the use of dark colors and black chandeliers I created a space that I secretly wish existed!

All my boards hung up! My last project!!! Yeahhhhh...

Floor Plan

Ceiling Plan showing the different ceiling drop downs and cut outs I have at various heights. Also showing recessed lighting and chandeliers throughout the space.

Close up of the lobby, showing the reception desk.

I decided to do the lobby in just black and white. I wanted to keep it clean and simple. And I didn't want to use to much color or that would have taken away from the "Gothic" concept.

Here is a close up view of the Casino perspective. The floors are white marble in the middle, with the black and white custom carpet in the gaming areas.

The main event! The Casino... again I used blacks and dark colors with reds. And the greens are apart of the two Private VIP rooms for the "high rollers." I designed a custom carpet that has Gothic Style writing on it.

This is a close up of the bar perspective.

Here is the "main" bar. It also has two private party rooms for people to rent out. I used black, dark blue, navy, silver, and light blues.

A close up of the live entertainment/bar perspective!

This is the live entertainment and bar. It has a stage for small bands and stand-up comedians to come. I found a really cool chandelier that looks as if its melting... it's a dark space, but I love it! I used blacks, dark silver, and different shades of teels.

Public Restrooms (Men and Women). This wasn't my favorite board, but I had to show them!